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Due to the staggering increase in the number of men who wear cheap timberland boots (a figure arguably interchangeable with the number of men who don't understand that fame and wealth are required before it's acceptable to look like a timberlands), cosmetics companies have begun marketing their timberland directly to male consumers, providing them with a more dignified alternative to rooting through their girlfriend's purse while she's on the phone with her dying grandmother.


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Timberland boots cheap is for guys looking for a way to conceal their overly shiny skin, which, despite sounding like an android malfunction, is apparently a problem that human beings encounter. The timberland product description assures us that it's "not that girly if no one knows," which we assume is their half hearted attempt to encourage grown men to buy cheap timberlands powder that comes in a little case with a mirror and a puffy applicator while simultaneously acknowledging that such an item is called a compact, and compacts are things that ladies use.

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  • Sport Men's Alice Football HairbandThe jagged, testosterone dripping "metal teeth" on the Sodial Men's Headband are designed to keep your flowing warrior's mane out of your eyes while you sports the fuck out of everything around you. "Hair cheap timberlands aren't just for girls, you asshole," it seems to say. And hey, even David Beckham wears one, and he's a dude.
  • Of course, David Beckham is a very pretty dude, and he typically wears as much makeup as his inflatable wife. Also, having "Alice" in the headband's name seems to rob it of masculinity, especially when you consider that it is called an "Alice band" after the titular little girl in Alice in Wonderland.
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